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What is "Biodiesel"? Biodiesel is a completely natural, renewable fuel applicable in any situation where conventional petroleum diesel is used. No modifications on engine are needed. Even though "diesel" is part of its name, there are no petroleum or other fossil fuels in biodiesel. Biodiesel is 100% vegetable oil based. From new or used cooking oil too. By recycling WVO we prevent pollution of city water. This environment-friendly fuel reduces tailpipe emissions, visible smoke and noxious odors. Can also be used in blends with conventional diesel while still achieving substantial reductions in emissions. Technically, biodiesel is Vegetable Oil Methyl Ester (FAME). Replacing the glycerol from each triglyceride molecule of veggie oil forms it. Once the glycerol is removed from the oil, the remaining molecules are, to a diesel engine, similar to petroleum diesel fuel. But there are some notable differences. The biodiesel molecules are very simple hydrocarbon chains, containing no sulfur, ring molecules, nor aromatics associated with fossil fuels. Biodiesel is made up of almost 10% oxygen, making it a naturally "oxygenated" fuel. Biodiesel's fuel features Power: one of the major advantages is the fact that it can be used in existing engines and fuel injection equipment (no modification required) without negative impact to operating performance. Fuel availability/economy: virtually the same MPG rating as petrol-diesel and the only alternative fuel for heavyweight vehicles requiring no special dispensing and storage equipment. Production/Refining: can be done at home (wasted veggie oil) and farms (virgin oils from seeds), being the only alternative fuel that can boast of a zero total emissions production facility. By selling the simultaneously produced glycerol, the cost of BD is basically the same cost of the oil used to make it. Storage: readily blends and stays blended with petrol-diesel so it can be stored and dispensed wherever diesel is stored or sold. Combustibility/Safety: biodiesel has a very high flash point (300°F) making it one of the safest of all alternative fuels. Lubricity: the only alternative fuel that can actually extend engine life because of its superior lubricating and cleaning properties. The present "low sulfur" diesel fuel is badly wearing the injection pumps of not protected diesel engines. (You should add biodiesel to the present commercial "dinofuel") Environmental Impact: the only renewable alternative diesel fuel that actually reduces a major greenhouse gas components in the atmosphere. The use of biodiesel will also reduce the following emissions: 。carbon monoxide 。ozone-forming-hydrocarbons 。hazardous diesel particulate 。acid rain-causing sulfur dioxide 。lifecycle carbon dioxide

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